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And welcome, I'm Lisa! I am a food stylist, cookbook author (October 2018, Appetite by Penguin Random House) and a culinary content creator. 

It brings me joy to bring you thoughtfully prepared, whole food recipes. On this space, you will find some cooking, some baking and lots of picture taking.

The focus, when I am not whimsically unfocused, is on cooking real food.  I love carnivores and vegetarians and everything in between.

This is not a nut-free, gluten-free or fat-free facility.

There really is a little bit of everything here.


A bit more about me…

I spent 15 years in personal and commercial banking. It was the career path I had decided on at a quite a young age. (strangely young I believe)  I did an undergraduate degree in business, followed by a Masters in one. I like business. (I LOVE small business.) I like math. I like banking. (So much so I married a banker) I like spreadsheets. I like margins.  I like formulas. I like solving for x.

Then at the end of 2010, I became a mom to a spectacular boy.

Everything changed.

And after that first year, everything really changed. Suddenly everything I’d ever known professionally, didn’t fire me up anymore. Being with my son did; making a home for him did and most certainly cooking for him did. When it came time to go back to work, I didn’t.  I went to the kitchen instead.

I live on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my (still a banker) husband and the most sweetest little boy.


Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to cook with you.

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