Allllrightttt...TWO posts in a row. If you knew my history with diet and exercise commitments you would high five me right now.

I decided today I needed to have a description about my blog, why I was even here pounding on this keyboard. Although my readers right now consist of (hold on getting calculator)...ahhh yes. One. (thanks hunney) I still felt I needed a bit of a focus.

(a better 'before' pic would have been all the pots piled up, missing lids and the twelve ikea frying pans but I'm still learning)  I'm a very regular jane. I don't have any special talents or amazing abilities. I was a banker for 15 years (nothing like bringing up the cyclical trends of retail banking for a stimulating dinner party conversation) I like five star dining and cooking over a campfire. I like dressing up and sporting my lulu's. I love books and movies and trashy tv all equally. I like to get outside for a run walk as much as I love an afternoon nap.  I like to dabble in decorating and organizing and cooking and household projects. I think the saying goes...jane of all trades, master of none.

(probably shoulda scoured that one on the left first). I follow some amazing bloggers who have clearly found what they were meant to do - its awe inspiring! So I remind myself, it doesn't happen overnight, on day two, day twenty two or maybe day two hundred and twenty two. But I am on a quest to find my trade master...(insert joke from Mr sixtyone45 here) And maybe I will find out I was meant to generalize and not specialize...we shall see. But I pledge to enjoy the process....

(that green colour makes me happy)

Some of What I Did Today.... It took me about 30 minutes to empty the drawer under the cooktop, clean it (what is IN those magic erasers...scary good), lay some pretty drawer liner from Walmart, evaluate contents (12 ikea frying pans? seriously? what is wrong with me?), put back only what I needed, labelled where things should go back (overkill? maybe. but cute? oh so much so) and voila. A pretty, organized and effective drawer.  It made me very happy this morning when I reached in for the frying pan to make this guy....

...his eggs. And that face....made me even happier.