A Little Sprout.

So apparently my blog? NOT the only blog on the internet. There are more. Many many many. More.

(In honour of Earth Day, Mr. Fothergill and I moved the garden indoors this week) While the current cutest kid ever to have existed title holder played quietly with his barnyard, I thought I would look up information on how to improve my blog – both in appearance and in content. Great idea! Yea...maybe not so much.
(really not a great shot, but you get the idea)  So, uh,  there are like….a zillion bloggers.  And about three quarters of those zillion blogs look wayyyyy more interesting than mine (hence why I type this at 11:47pm and not during Little's nap for which the majority was spent oogling other blogs) When did every mom in North America learn programming code??? Instead of inspired, I felt a little defeated.
(my mom, from whom I get the "always right" gene, gets total credit for these. she nurtured them to sprout, I got the easy part of a a few rinses and consumption) From a career perspective, I have worked hard to be the youngest senior person (oxymoron?) in every meeting. And it always worked out that way. I was denied entry into my MBA program for being too young, until insisting on a appeal meeting with the Dean, where I convinced him I would be an asset to the program. A career in commercial banking meant in many cases I was not only the youngest, I was the only one with lady parts.  When I left my last employer to have said cutest kid title holder, I was the youngest Director the company had ever had.  Then boom, 18 months in mommyville and I feel ten years behind.
(they really did taste like broccoli...sorta. they tasted healthy that's for sure) And the logical side of my brain knows I am not that far behind (9 1/2 years maybe?) AND it was a ridiculous premise to try hold on to...being the youngest? duh...can't really fight Father Time sister...it's a losing competition from the beginning. Not so s.m.r.t. afterall.
(so it would have been smart to take a picture of the sandwich I had these on but because I was too lazy to go upstairs and get camera so busy being Supermom, you get another bowl shot) So here is what I know I need to do. Suck it up (me. not you, kind loyal three readers) and stop comparing yourself (myself) with everyone else out there. Focus on what makes you (me. I will stop that now) happy. Focus on your goal of exploring creative outlets. Its not about being the first, the best, the youngest or the smartest (well except at home, then its a lot little about that) Its about enjoying the moments with this little sprout...
...that are going by wayyyy too fast.
Mr. Fothergill Broccoli Sprouts
They were awesome. Litterally took just a few days. A jar, piece of cheesecloth (or nylons from my old life days) and give them a swirl and a rinse once or twice a day. They seemed to grow right in front of our eyes. And in all seriousness, very delicious. Earthy, nutty with a hint of broccoli (hope I never describe a red wine that way). Highly recommend them.