Yesterday I did nothing creative.

(I love trying to catch a sun beam) Nothing. Nada. Zip. Well now that I think of it.. actually... maybe....ya, nope. Nothing.

(bet the Easter bunny woulda loved him some of that lettuce!) It was what I would have called in my old world an "administration" day. No exciting meetings or projects, no fun lunch dates or new ventures to evaluate. Just paperwork, catch up, reports etc...well yesterday I did the homemaker equivalent.  I vacuumed (two u's. really Webster?), I washed the floors, cleaned bathrooms, did some grocery shopping, laundry,prepped dinner and snacks (my folks were coming later that day to stay for a week). Bored yet? I was.
(hellooooo garlic. i love you so much.) Okay, not bored. Just not inspired.  Most of the day I thought about, what would I write here? I had nothing very interesting to say. (one could argue none of what I write is of much interest to anyone, but I play make believe. I'm looking at YOU 57,234 pretend subscribers)

(stoopid spinach. only one of you popped up this spring.) So the day went on, my folks arrived (aka world's greatest grandparents) and we watched first hockey playoff game of the season (aka world's greatest disappointment) and off to bed. I was enjoying posting these ramblings and I just felt I had nothing worth sharing....until morning.

(I'm sooo excited I made that!! probably shoulda shook the dirt off first but I MADE THAT!)  I woke up, hung out with the best kid ever and as I turned the kitchen blinds to keep from burning his retina's, I remembered. I have a garden!

(betcha Mr. Easter bunny is sorry he missed these....) You see, last fall I had world's greatest grandpa build his daughter a garden. I didn't mention that said daughter has NO IDEA how to grow ANYTHING and basically threw some seeds in, did a few sun salutations and said, see ya in the spring.

(same radish, sans dirt, puurrrty) Who knew dirt, sun and rain were such magical friends? Checking the fruits of my "labour" (which basically entailed brushing some pine needles off the tops one winter afternoon) I found some amazing goodness out there today. Lettuce (THREE kinds...THREE!), Spinach (lame, only one made it) Radish (gorgeous colour but if I'm being honest...a little mushy), Carrots (yes, they are small...I just wanted to peak at one eight so bad), and Garlic (resisted the urge to check but, love of my life, I know you are down there). 

(so my boys may starve if they relied on me for food but let's just say I think the Easter bunny may be coming back next year)

On this journey for my creative genome, today I learned that sometimes life just happens. I should not sweat it, I should roll with it. I loved having a clean house and being caught up on all my chores. Its a simple pleasure and I don't have to apologize for it.

I learned that I will have days that will not be as creative as others.

I learned that creativity lies in the eyes of the beholder. I had so much fun playing with this guy...

...that it didn't matter that my carrots were small, my radishes were mushy and my lettuce a bit wilted. I'll learn from it and this weekend, try plant some new things. Because anything that can make that guy make this face, must mean I'm doing something right.