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Question. What is your MOST favourite cuisine? Mine is Korean. Yes, for sure. Korean. Or...maybe not. I dunno. I already want to change my answer. Over a lovely lunch at a favorite Japanese spot, Mister and I discussed what our favorite food nationality is. Not just "oh, I like this one" or "this and this...and that". Nope. You had to make a call. One cuisine. Back and forth, we tossed out beautiful countries of the world but got technical again. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Desserts included or out? Traditional or westernized. (I live with a professional debater) We landed on dinner. Every night. For one year. One cuisine.

What would you pick?


I landed on Korean. But I have changed my answer 7 times and still am undecided. Mister picked Japanese. And the Little one? He picked whatever country would serve the most avocado, macaroni, & m & m's.


There is nothing Korean about this post. Or about brussels sprouts (at least not that I know). I really enjoy tapas and finding new things to put on a charcuterie plate (spelled that right on first try!) Sometimes chips & dip aren't special enough. Sidebar 'fancy pants' note here:  if you ARE serving friends potato chips, toss them on a cookie sheet with a bit of fresh ground pepper and warm them (the chips. not the friends) in the oven.  It kinda says I care juuuust a smidgen more than the effort it takes to open a bag. Not that there is anything wrong with potato chips right out the bag. And certainly nothing wrong with eating them straight out the bag in the pantry with the lights off.

No judging.


Kale chips are awesome but I have done them (and prosciutto wrapped asparagus) too many times now. House made root veggie chips are delicious but a bit toooo much effort versus reward. (I am no where near graceful enough to pull off a a mandolin AND hot oil for the same dish without paramedics on scene) So, brussels sprout chips it is.


Three ways sounds dirty fancy but it's really not. I had a LOT of sprouts and given the effort, figured it would be fun to try some different flavours. I did a batch of just salt, pepper, olive oil. Another with those three plus lemon juice & zest. The third batch was toasted sesame oil, garlic & sesame seeds. Truth? They were really yummy. More truth? NOT sure they were worth the effort. Taking the leaves off every sprout was very time consuming and once you see the shrinkage that occurs in the oven, it feels like your double bag box of Old Dutch just became Halloween treat size. BUT they are crispy bites of deliciousness, and an awesome addition to a snackie plate.  I most definitley would do them again, but maybe just for the REALLY special company...(you know who you are)


So back to favourite cusines.

Korean. I'm sticking with my original answer. Nothing beats a short rib and really nothing beats a Korean short rib. And then there is the kimchee. (sorry Hunney) Who doesn't love a little fermented cabbage to cap off the day? So it's settled. Answer. Korean Food. Question?


How could someone ever pick a favorite cuisine?


Brussels Sprouts Chips

2 lbs brussels sprouts, fresh 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper

Possible combinations: Straight Up: as per above Lemony: as per above plus the juice of a fresh squeezed lemon, plus 1 tsp zest Asian: substitute toasted sesame oil for olive oil and add minced garlic & sesame seeds.

1. Preheat oven to 350 F 2. Wash brussels sprouts under running water over colander. 3. Remove stems and gently separate each leaf, placing in a large metal bowl. 4. Toss the leaves with desired coating as per above flavour combinations. 5. Arrange leaves on a cookie sheet, not overlapping. 6. Bake for approx 8 minutes or until edges are brown and cripsy.