A Cookbook!!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that my first cookbook On Boards with Appetite by Penguin Random House will be released October 2018

Outstanding Burger

On Boards is more than a book of recipes; it is a book of inspiration based on the way I love to eat, entertain and socialize.  The first part of the book contains 50 beautifully arranged grazing boards and platters divided into four categories:  everyday boards, seasonal boards, celebratory boards and global boards.  The second part has over 50 recipes of all the fun additions to the boards like quick dips, jams and spreads.  Everything is carefully designed and tested so you can make them ahead of time, leaving more time for you to spend with those you’re cooking for.

Outstanding Burger

In 2010, I left a 15 year career in banking in favour of being a stay at home mom to my then, newborn son.  As much as I wanted to be present for him, I equally knew I needed to nurture my soul outside my role as a mother.  I began to explore creatively through food – writing, styling and photographing – and soon was able to create a career as a food stylist.   It wasn’t until about 2014 that the idea of a cookbook started simmering within me.  This foodie world was still very new to me and I wasn’t sure where I fit.  But just like what usually runs true in life, I ultimately found my place by not trying to fit in, but by following my heart – and literally my gut – doing food how I like to eat it.  And for me, it’s rarely JUST about the food. 

Outstanding Burger

Don’t get me wrong, the food is important; very important.  But so is the room, the lighting, the music and mostly, the people.  My favourite food memories are triggered when I think about how they organically transpired, how we laughed with tears in our eyes, the counter top of empty wine bottles and the moment we realized how late it was.  I remember pulling up a cushion on the floor around a coffee table, nibbling and assembling the perfect bite of brie and crostini.   I recall gingerly spooning just a little more than necessary of that bacon jam because – my goodness, it's BACON jam.  I remember the conversations – the you-had-to be-there ones, the reliving those high school glory days again ones and even the heated political ones.


As a host or a guest, my go to dish is always a version of a cheeseboard.  I loved that I could make it ahead of time.  I loved that no matter what a persons dietary lifestyle, there was always something they could nibble.  I loved that it allowed guests to assemble the perfect bite for their perfect palate.  I loved that I could create something artistically beautiful out of seemingly humble ingredients. 

And that is how On Boards came to be.  With full colour photography for every board and recipe, I created On Boards to be page after page of inspiration  - no matter what your culinary skill level.    

I am so proud of this body of work and I cannot wait so share it with you.  I invite you to follow along on the final steps of this journey as I reveal the cover, announce pre-order details and share sneak peeks of the inside! 

Thank you so much for your continued support!