Turkey Charcuterie Board

Put a spin on a traditional meat & cheese board by choosing a Turkey themed one!


Outstanding Burger

Disclaimer:  This post was written in partnership with the Turkey Farmers of Canada and may contain affiliate links.  All recipes, photos and ideas are my own. 

Summer is here and we are ready to take our meals outside! Whether you are planning a picnic or having an impromptu gathering of friends, summer time is meant for al fresco dining.  My favourite meal to have outside is no doubt a beautiful, overflowing meat and cheese board. 

Outstanding Burger

I’ve partnered with Canadian Turkeyand swapped my usual pork based charcuterie for turkey and created this beautiful board. I recently learned that you could find all your favourite cheese board meats made with turkey.  The turkey pepperoni is delicious with just the right amount of spice and the jerky has amazing texture and flavour, a perfect grab and go for little ones.  

Outstanding Burger

Turkey charcuterie pairs really well with mild, creamy cheeses. For this board I went with a brie and mild gouda.  The pepper gypsy salami has a nice bite to it and the bright green grapes are great palate cleansers between bites.

If you are looking for more ways you can add turkey into your day to day meals, check out all the recipes at Canadian Turkey.


Turkey Charcuterie Board


*Note: you can adjust the amounts based on how many people you are serving and the size of your board

1 Turkey Sausage Ring (cured)

8” Turkey Kielbasa Coil

20 slices Gypsy Turkey Salami

15 slices Roasted Turkey Breast

4 Turkey Pepperoni Sticks

4 pieces Turkey Jerky


1 wedge mild gouda cheese

1 small wheel brie

½ cup beet hummus


1 sleeve plain soda crackers

1 large cluster green grapes

25 blueberries


Fresh greens (ie.parsley) for garnish



11.    For this cheeseboard I chose to line a round rimmed board with linen and parchment.  You could place all the components directly on a wooden cheese board of any shape.

2.    Start with the largest items first, the cheese, the dish of hummus and the grapes.  For the gouda, use a sharp knife and cut the cheese away from the rind, keeping the rind in tact.  Dice it up into bite size pieces and then place it back into the rind.

3.    Turkey Charcuterie: slice the turkey sausage ring and coil into coins and place in various spots on the board; fold the salami and turkey breast in half and half again, creating a “rose” like appearance & tuck it into various spots on the board; slice the jerky and pepperoni into thin strips and angle off the board in a couple different spots.

4.    Fill in any wholes with crackers and garnish with blueberries on a stick and some fresh herbs like fenugreek (or parsley or lime leaves)