What was left out (for real this time)

It was a great week with the weather turning the corner, I swear it puts the whole city in a better mood. Here are some things that didn't get blogged about...

1. Feliz cinco de mayo! (aunque tardío) Truthfully, I have no idea what Cinco de Mayo celebrates but in our house its marked by margarita's and fish tacos. We whipped up some sweet halibut (hookup from worlds greatest Auntie and worlds greatest Papa) fish tacos and some fresh lime margs...and for the record the tequila bottle was already half empty and still had tape on it from our move 2 and a half years ago.

2.  Go Yotes!! Who woulda thunk the next best thing to a Canadian team in the playoffs would be a hockey team in the desert? Bring on the WHITEOUT!

3.  I made these for Little sixtyone45 and he LOVED them. Score another point for Team Mom Getting Her Kid to Eat More Veggies.

4. We added a couple more outbuildings, some cows, a tractor and curiously stereotypical field workers this week. No we don't live on a farm but Mr. and Little sixtyone45 would like to live here one day. Thank you Fisher Price for all things colourful and plastic.

5.  We came. We saw. And dear goodness, we conquered. Its huge. Its awesome. Its Sveedish. Nothing beats tealights, picture frames and frozen yogurt for a buck.

6.  Guess who whipped up some vegan cupcakes for playschool this week. Oh yea. That's right. You know it. (I'm doing a mom version of the running man dance right now) Thanks for such a great recipe Chloe! (and awesome Vegan blog)

7. We officially have a fenced yard. Ribbon cutting ceremony to follow but at least now when Little is running mock speed toward the road, some cedar posts slow him down.

8.  When I feel overwhelmed and that I have too much to do and too little time, I think of her.

9.  This is awesome and I have already started it for my Little. What a great way to preserve their art.

10. Happy Mother's Day Mom.  I only recently discovered the top photo (left to right - my mom, oldest sister, their mom, youngest sister) and I thought even through the grainyness and fuzziness of the photo you can still see my grandmothers beaming smile. She loved her daughters, my mom, as much as I love my mom.  I am simply blessed beyond belief to have the most amazing, inspiring, loving mother. I always knew I had an incredible mom but it wasn't until I had my own child that I could truly appreciate the magnitude of sacrifice and love a woman has for her child. I love you so much mom.  Thank you for everything you do. I only wish we could merge the photos and your mom could meet my son. But I know she is looking down over all of us, always. Happy Mothers Day.