what was left out

Here is a few fun things from the week that didn't make it to the blog....

1.  For the mozza making night I posted here, we visited Galloways Foods for the ingrediants we needed. (namely rennet - hmmm, cow stomach lining, awesome.)  What a fantastic place. Really great prices and if you need a unique ingrediant I am sure they have it. Stay tuned for my experience with Xanthum Gum.

2.  Although it seems like a month since we have seen the sun, we did get one good day here where waterparks, playgrounds and soccer fields produced this moment of euphoria.

3.  So here is a helpful Tuesday Tip. When planting your garden don't use your son's washable crayola markers to write on the posts. One round with the sprinkler means mystery veggies this year. Dumb. Dumb. Blonde level dumb. On the bright side, we have LIFE in the garden and that is to be celebrated.

(total cheat here because these were already started when I planted them BUT they are not dead so that counts as success in my books)

4.  Little sixtyone45 had his first gymanstics experience last week. Loved. Every. Minute.

5.  I made this for dinner one night in an attempt to clean out the fridge. Tossed onion, cilantro, parsley, leftover queso fresca cheese, tomato sauce and some fresh basil into the processor. Whipped it up, painted it on some chicken breasts, sprinkled with panko and into the easy bake oven. Served with some red and white quinoa and some red leaf lettuce salad. Kinda quite yummy.

6.  I know its a grocery store but I'm a fan of Joe sometimes. I picked up this cute tee when I was feeling all nautically.

7.  This was simple, fun and pretty. Going to see if I can come up with some cute, artistic ways to use them in the future. Basically its yogurt in a piping bag. I piped dots onto a cookie sheet and threw it in the deep freeze for a few hours. Little sixtyone45 got them for dessert. He thought they were so cool (literally) and had fun popping them in his mouth as they melted.

8. I did make another batch of animal cookies and experimented with my new letter cookie cutters. Truthfully, kinda a bust. Not sure if it was the cutter, the cuttee...or cutie if you prefer wink wink), or the baker. They are way more cracker than cookie but Little still thinks they are fun to drop in his milk. Here is the recipe...I would attempt again. As I would most baking recipes as its likely my fault, not the authors.

9. And the peonies arrived! (translation: I do nothing and every year they come back more and more beautiful. Thank you previous retired gardner owner)

10. And this is because I like lists with round numbers.

Welcome June!